OSI Model

What is OSI model?

Layer Name Example Mnemonic
7 Application Web Browser Away
6 Presentation TLS/SSL, Compression Pizza
5 Session Setup, Negotiation, Teardown Sam’s
4 Transport TCP Throw
3 Network IP, ARP Not
2 Data Link MAC Do
1 Physical Fiber optic cable, 5GHz Carrier frequency, CAT5 Please

Network protocols

Protocol Stands For characteristics usage how to remember
TCP Transmission Control Protocol Stateful, Connection-based, acknowledges receipt Web, email, File Transfer For every message I send, I need an acknowledgement
UDP User Datagram Protocol Stateless, Connectionless, no acknowledge receipt, no transmission delay Streaming Media, DNS I will be sending messages and its fine if you miss some of them
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol Used by network devices to exchange information traceroute, ping network devices talk to each other about health of the network